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Stellar Data Recovery Software

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine our day without computer. The reason behind this is, computer play important role in current days it stores variety of data and supports running of various application. In a computer, the main source of soring data is its internal hard drive. We store huge amount of data on it and it is necessary to carefully organize the data safely. Sometime a single mistake can create terrifying situation and the data preserved in the internal hard disk go missing. If you have also face this terrible situation and want to get back your data then it is possible with Stellar data recovery software.

Issues that cause data loss from internal hard drive:

Before we elaborate about Stellar data recovery software and recovery process, first see some common issue which lead to data loss.

  • File System Conversion : Improper file system conversion or interruption while the file system conversion can result in corruption of data.
  • Formation of bad sector : If your internal HDD is too old then there is more chance to have bad sector, and data saved on these bad sector then it become inaccessible.
  • Human mistake :Deletion of files mistakenly by using “Shift + Delete” keys or formatting the disk is the most common reason of data loss.
  • Virus attack :If virus attack on internal hard drive then it corrupt master boot record, OS etc and make RAW internal hard disk, that result in loss of data.

Use Stellar Data Recovery Software

If your data become inaccessible due to any of the above reason then you can go for a relevant recovery tool that is Stellar data recovery software. This application is embedded with advance recovery features which easily recover data from RAW, dead or corrupted internal hard disk. With the help of this software you can regain the formatted or missing data from different brand of internal hard drive. Furthermore, it is compatible with all the version of Windows operating system.

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