Free Photo Recovery Software: Supporting Memory Cards

Lost your favorite photos from memory card of your digital camera and searching for a solution for the same ? Well, we have one for you. Free Photo Recovery software is capable of recovered or restoring any sort of multimedia files from a damaged or corrupted or formatted memory card. Its efficiency can be proved by the fact that the application does the recovery of files from the worst data loss situations. Mentioning a few such as virus infection, corruption, read/write errors or accidental deletion, all these are few such hazardous situations making a memory card corrupted flushes out the data from it.

Actually,the lost our specail moment photos or other media files never gets lost from a digital camera, only the index gets lost reason why you are not able to find any. But not with the case with free photo recovery software, it determines the location of the missing data by thoroughly scanning the memory card. Not only this it supports all kinds of memory cards or other storage devices from which it can recovery the video files or other multimedia files .

Free Photo Recovery Software- Supporting Memory Cards

Below mentioned is a complete list of the mass storage media that is supported by the application.

  • Memory cards
  • SD cards
  • Memory Sticks
  • Hard drives
  • Floppy disks
  • MMC cards
  • CF cards
  • Memory sticks pro duo
  • Smartphones such as Nokia, Blackberry, Sony
  • Zip Disks
  • Personal computers and Laptops
  • XD picture card
  • SmartMedia

Being a read only application, the application guarantees safe and secure recovery of multimedia files from a storage device of digital camera or personal computers. Download Free Photo Recovery Software and grab hold to all the lost files from your memory cards.

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